Our Priority


Long-term housing will be provided to our aging-out youth:
who are homeless but continue to work hard to reach their goals.
whose relocation will interrupt their education.
who just need a place to feel “grounded”so they can take on the world.
The length of stay will be determined by the youth’s stage in the transitioning process. Housing will be permanent in the sense that it will provide the youth a place to call HOME until they are adequately prepared to live and thrive on their own.

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Of the 308 youth aging out in New Jersey, 55 of them are in the foster care system in Essex County. This is the highest number in New Jersey; the second highest being Hudson County with 26.
Additional Statistics
73% of the aging-out youth in Essex County spent more than 3 years in foster care in 2017
53% of the aging-out youth in Essex County lived in 3 or more foster homes in 2017
Historically, Essex County has been the county with the highest number of aging-out youth in New Jersey





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See our GOALS to find out how we will tackle this ongoing problem in Essex County.

Our aging-out youth should have the opportunity to maintain whatever stability they have in their lives so they can, not just transition into adulthood, but thrive in it.

Data retrieved from the New Jersey Child Welfare Data Hub